The 20 Hottest Women In WCW History


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The women of World Championship Wrestling have left a lasting impression on the wrestling business because they are some of the most gorgeous ladies in the history of wrestling. While WCW wasn’t a company that pushed women’s wrestling that hard like today in World Wrestling Entertainment, they still employed dozens of women that were mostly there to be eye candy.

In the early 1990s WCW, there weren’t that many women in WCW although they did some memorable things like a bikini contest at the Beach Blast 1992 event between Madusa and Missy Hyatt. In the mid-1990s, they tried to build a women’s division around Madusa. It never really got going because they didn’t employ that many women full time, so they had to bring in foreigners to put over Madusa. It was a formula that didn’t work.

By the late 1990s, things changed because Eric Bischoff brought in the Nitro Girls dance group. They were WCW’s version of cheerleaders that were shown on screen before and after commercial breaks as well as a way to entertain the crowd.

Since the wrestling business is often times a copycat type of world, WCW saw how much success WWE was having with beautiful women on their shows. That led to WCW going from barely having any women to employing about 20 women from 1999 to 2001 when the company died.

With so many women to choose from, it’s time to rank the 20 hottest women in WCW history. Most of them were used in storylines. Some of the Nitro Girls that weren’t featured prominently aren’t going to be featured here, but no doubt they were gorgeous women too.

Who were the hottest women in WCW history? Let’s count it down with number twenty.

20. Kimberly Page


As the leader of the Nitro Girls as well as the wife of Diamond Dallas Page (they have since divorced), Kimberly Page could be called “Miss WCW” because she was in the company going back to 1991 although she was a regular around 1994.

She wasn’t a wrestler, but she was a featured performer until the second last year in the company with a heel turn against DDP in 2000. The angle didn’t really have a conclusion because she left the company due to uncomfortable comments by Scott Steiner.

When WCW died in 2001, Kimberly didn’t end up signing with WWE and basically left the wrestling business at that point. She did have some small roles in movies, most notably the 40 Year Old Virgin when her breast was exposed during a speed dating scene. It was a moment a lot of WCW fans definitely marked out over.