10 Must-Watch Shows On The WWE Network


After months…and months…and months…of waiting, the WWE Network was finally launched in February, 2014 (in the US at least). While far from a perfect service – way too much content remains missing (Nitro, anybody?), and there are still streaming issues during live events – the network allows us to go back and re-live some of our favorite professional wrestling moments. Events that took place during my adolescent and teenage years and also matches that occurred well before I was born are showcased on WWE Network, making it a must-have for even a casual fan who doesn’t watch every WWE show that currently airs on television.

Before getting into the list, I wanted to point out that these are not my top-ten pro wrestling events/pay-per-views. They are, rather, ten shows that I highly recommend that diehard fans check out once they sign up for the WWE network.

Note: Spoilers not included.

10. WCW Greed (2001)

I was the oddity among my friends in that I preferred the NWA over the WWE in the 80s, and that trend continued into the 90s. I almost always watched WCW Nitro live and then, either later that night (if I could sneak downstairs after my parents had gone to sleep) or early the next morning, I would catch up on Monday Night Raw.

Then, as the 90s came to an end, WCW programming and the company as a whole fell off a cliff. Greed, a show that I literally had forgotten about, was the last PPV in WCW history before the company was purchased by Vince McMahon and the WWE.

The show, if I’m being completely honest about it, sucked, which was par for the course during the painful and public death of WCW. It is, however, fascinating to go back and remember just how bad things got before the plug was finally pulled. Greed is worth a watch if you ever find yourself bored, or if you just can’t sleep one night.

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