10 Burning Questions With Ring of Honor’s Rhett Titus


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One half of Ring of Honor’s All Night Express, Rhett Titus recently took some time out of his busy schedule to participate in an interview with me. Titus’ career has seen him compete with the promotion for a number of years. His growth as a performer both in the ring and on the microphone is remarkable. Titus and Kenny King recently reformed as a team at Ring of Honor’s pay per view All-Star Extravaganza.

In the interview, Titus opens up about how he became a wrestler and who was integral in his development. He discusses the future of the All Night Express, his past feuds and his early training under Austin Aries and former WWE World Champion Daniel “Bryan Danielson” Bryan. Ring of Honor fans will be pleased with how Titus is open and forthcoming about his evolution as a wrestler and different things he takes into consideration now compared to when he was younger. He also discusses how Ring of Honor’s tag team division is as integral a part of the promotion as the singles division.

His enthusiasm for the future is something that was quite evident during our interview. Titus doesn’t hide who his early influences in wrestling are and how integral they are to what he’s achieved thus far. As a father, he also shares how he’s made a conscious effort to educate his son about wrestling and its risks.

10. Two ROH alumni who are credited with training you are Austin Aries & Bryan Danielson. Looking back now, what do you believe you learned from them?

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With Austin Aries, I pretty much learned the basics, that sort of thing. He showed me the ropes and all that good stuff. I had to do, you could say, on-the-job training with Aries when he managed me and Kenny King. I have to tag with Aries and work with Aries a lot in six man tags, which was kind of like the second part of my training with him. This was all on the fly. It was all really good.

As far as Bryan Danielson, his class was the advanced class, so I learned more about holds. He made me think outside the box a little bit more, when it came to pro wrestling. He also disciplined me a little bit more. Aries was more like me, laid-back. If you were a minute late it wasn’t a big deal. With Bryan, if you weren’t there by 5:00 on the dot, you were doing extra squats, extra push-ups, extra running of the ropes, extra everything. Nine times out of ten, coming straight from work to training, I was usually there at like 5:03, so I was always doing something extra. But it was a good lesson learned.

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