Top 10 Team Owners Who Were Severely Disciplined


Recently, Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay has become the subject of a DUI and possible drug possession scandal, and has become a target of Roger Goodell. This of course depends on the results of the investigation which is currently ongoing. With that said, there is a lot of information, some of it based in fact, much more in hearsay and rumor, regarding Irsay’s past and present connections which may, in the eyes of some experts, affect Goodell’s treatment of his case.

Among the recent rumors floating around (I call them rumors because I’ve read them in newspapers, magazines and on the internet, so it’s all rumors at this point) is that he has close personal contacts who have recently been arrested for drug crimes and one contact/friend who has recently died of an overdose. Additionally, there are those claiming that he mismanaged the Colts’ funds. Finally, anybody and their neighbor can tell you about how Irsay, supposedly sober since the early 2000’s, has suffered for years with drug issues.

The results of all the investigations will be released when they are ready and some think it could result in disciplinary action carried out by Commissioner Goodell. Here is a list of ten other sports team owners who have been disciplined by the governing body of their sport.

The list is not chronological, but it’s been broken down according to the nastiness of the action(s) which warranted the disciplinary action, from financial mismanagement and discussing free agency before the proper off season period to gambling, fraud, extortion and praising Hitler. If you disagree with the list, you know where to find the comments section.

Donald Sterling gets an honorable mention here because he seems to be able to get away with anything, from multiple discrimination controversies, sexual harassment accusations and lawsuits not to mention of course, his more recent involvement with a prostitute.

10. Ted Turner: Suspended from MLB in 1977

Starting our list of sports owners who have been disciplined is Mr. Ted Turner, who was suspended while he was owner of the Atlanta Braves. In the late 70’s, there were a couple of controversies that involved Turner. First of all, he was owner of the team but briefly tried his hand at managing the club. This attempt was quickly shot down due to an MLB rule which stated that an owner could not manage, coach or play for his team.  His suspension occurred when he aggressively pursued Gary Matthews prior to official free agency after the end of the 1976 season. That’s set dates for a reason Ted.