Top 10 Richest Sports Team Owners in America


In this day and age, owning a sports franchise can be a billion-dollar endeavour reserved exclusively for the super-rich. It’s come to a point where many teams are owned by entire companies. However, there are certain individuals who can shoulder such extravagant investments. Many of them find themselves in the ranks of Forbes’ list of the 400 richest Americans. These multi-billionaires own teams from all major sports leagues, from the NHL to the Premier League.

The cumulative net worth of the top ten richest American sports team owners adds up to just over $60 billion. That can buy a lot of soccer balls and hockey pucks. But while these men have the financial means to back up their team, many of them started out as strangers to the world of sports. Having made their fortunes through various other business practices, their interest in sports comes down to factors like prestige, competition or even just the sheer enjoyment of doing so.

The following list contains the 10 richest sports franchise owners in America for 2013 according to Forbes.

10. Shahid Khan – Net Worth: $3.8 billion

Look at that face. That face proves that money can indeed buy happiness. It can also buy The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and the English Premier League’s Fulham FC. Shahid Khan is a Pakistani-American billionaire who ranks 122nd on Forbes’ list of the 400 richest people in America and is the 490th richest person in the world. Khan was born on July 18, 1952 in Punjab, Pakistan and moved to the United States at age 16. He attended the University of Illinois and made billions after buying and developing automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate. The 61-year-old is also the richest person in the world of Pakistani origin.

After a deal to buy 60% of the St. Louis Rams fell through in 2010, Khan bought the Jaguars from businessman Wayne Weaver in 2011 for an estimated $760 million. His sports itch continued with the purchase of the Fulham FC in July 2013. The official sale price was never disclosed but it’s assumed to be between £150–200 million ($244-325 million).