‹ The Unusual Phobias of 10 Rich Athletes

5. Rafael Nadal – Tennis / Achluophobia / Career Earnings: $85 Million

They call him the Raging Bull because of the ferocious way he plays tennis. But off the court, Rafael Nadal is not so tough. Name it, he’s afraid of it: dogs, spiders, storms, motorbikes — he’s petrified of all of them.

Strongest among Rafa’s fears, however, is his fear of the dark. In fact, achluophobia has such a tight grip on Nadal that even being home alone at night makes him so nervous that he has to resort to sleeping on the sofa because he can’t deal with going to bed.

“I’m there with the TV on and all the lights on,” Rafa confesses.

Nadal’s phobias have resulted in some good though. His coach, Uncle Toni, used to exploit Rafa’s fears while training him by telling a young Nadal that if he didn’t exert his best effort, the thunder gods would unleash their wrath on him. Rafa seems to have benefited from the threats winning over $64 million in prize money so far in his career.

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