‹ The Unusual Phobias of 10 Rich Athletes

7. Josh Freeman – American Football / Elevator Phobia / Career Earnings: $23 Million

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and now Minnessota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman stands tall at six-foot-six. Maybe that’s why he fears elevators; perhaps he’s afraid that he’s going to hit his head while he’s walking out the lift.

But the truth is phobias are often very difficult, if not impossible to explain. And for Freeman, it’s also tough to understand why fate would choose to be so cruel to him. Of all people, he actually got stuck in an elevator.

It happened on a routine visit to his dentist. Freeman said of the incident, “It was only like five minutes, but it felt like forever. Yeah, the elevator is horrible.”

Thank goodness they got him out, otherwise that would’ve been a terrible waste of an athlete who’s worth a $3 million contract in 2013.

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