‹ The Unusual Phobias of 10 Rich Athletes

1. Tiger Woods – Golf / Mysophobia / Career Earnings: $550 Million

Good sportsmanship usually calls for players to shake hands with their competitors after a hard-fought match. But Tiger Woods isn’t about to do that, and it’s not because he’s a poor sport. The reason stems from Tiger’s mysophobia, the fear of germs.

Woods’s strange disorder is quite intriguing considering that athletes routinely exposes themselves to germs and bacteria. But perhaps the world’s number one golfer with 14 majors picked the right sport where he doesn’t have to get in contact with anyone and sweating is kept to a minimum.

Just how badly does Tiger fear germs? Despite his annual salary of an estimated $85 million, he insists on making his own bed – even in hotels – to ensure that his sleeping space is as germ-free as possible.

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