Top 10 Highest-Earning UFC Fighters in 2013


The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the largest promotion company in the world of mixed martial arts. Since its inception in November of 1993, the UFC has grown to the level of producing worldwide events and hosting some of the most top-ranked fighters in the sport. The purse earnings of UFC fighters continues to grow as the organization expands, and 2013 is becoming a big year for the company. While earnings may differ among fighters based on experience and popularity, there are some fighters in the UFC who have been making substantial amounts of money with payouts in the hundreds of thousands per fight.

There is no doubt that each fighter is valued in the world of UFC and the company has become one of the most popular venues for watching top quality MMA fights. And with events going on outside of the United States as well as the increasing popularity of pay-per-view events, the UFC is growing at a faster rate than ever. This is reflected in the fact that fighters get paid for just showing up, often with additional bonuses for winning, knockouts, etc. Between media exposure and fluctuating win/loss records, the following list of fighters not only shows us who has earned the most money in the UFC in 2013, but also gives fans an idea of who to look for and who to pay attention to as the year comes to a close. As fighters continue to battle for higher rankings within their division, their purse earnings will vary but they will continue to bring in the paychecks that are the envy of up and coming fighters, giving them something to work towards.

This is a list of the top ten highest earners in the UFC this year. This list is based on the payouts that have been made known to the public. It wasn’t until 2004 that the athletic commissions began to release fighter purse information, however these same commissions have yet to release precise fighter salary information, so these numbers will be based on other information and factors that have been made available to the public. There are many fighters who get paid additional bonuses, plus a cut of the profits from the fights that they headline, as well as additional money from sponsors that have the potential to make up a substantial amount of the fighter’s annual income. This list has been compiled based only on what these fighters have earned in their fights, plus bonuses. While the numbers noted here are as accurate as can be, know that these fighters are likely making much more than what the public is aware of. Of course, as fighters earn money, there are also deductions for insurance, taxes, and licenses. Regardless of deductions, it’s hard to dismiss the impressive earnings that these fighters make year after year.

9. Hector “Lightening” Lombard (Tied) – $600,000 in 2013

Hector Lombard signed with the UFC in April of 2012, making him one of the newest high-profile fighters to enter the company. Lombard made his debut in July of last year, losing to Tim Boetsch in a split decision. Dropping two of his first three fights in the UFC, there has been much speculation about his future with the organization. However, Lombard recently saw a victory against Nate Marquardt in UFC 166 in October of this year. He and Anderson Silva are tied with equal earnings of $600,000 despite very different fight results.