‹ Top 10 Highest-Paid NHL Goalies Per Save

5. Pekka Rinne – Nashville Predators: $ 6,986.03 Per Save

With his seven-year deal worth $49 million, running from 2012 to 2013, Pekka Rinne is among the highest-earning goaltenders in the NHL. His $7 million a year salary carries a $7 million cap hit, and is the largest contract in the Nashville Predators’ franchise history. Unlike some top-earning goalies, Pekka Rinne is worth every dollar he makes. His accolades include being rookie of the month in the 2008-09 NHL season, Predators’ franchise record holder for shutouts and consecutive wins and Vezina Trophy finalist in 2012. He made 1,002 saves in the 2012-13 season, good for almost $7,000 a pop.

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