Highest-Paid Female Athletes 2011

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Forbes Magazine released the 2011 list of the 10 highest-paid female athletes. Earnings estimates are for the 12-months, between July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2011. The Magazine factor in prize money, salaries, appearance fees, licensing income and endorsements in totals.

Tennis players dominate the list of with seven of the ten spots. The ten highest paid women made $113 million over the past 12-months, up 1% from 2010. By comparison the 10 highest-paid men earned a collective $449 million.

#1. Maria Sharapova

2011 Earnings: $25 Million

#2. Caroline Wozniacki

2011 Earnings: $12.5 Million

#3. Danica Patrick

2011 Earnings: $12 Million

#4. Venus Williams

2011 Earnings: $11.5 Million

#5. Kim Clijsters

2011 Earnings: $11 Million

#6. Serena Williams

2011 Earnings: $10.5 Million

#7. Kim Yu-Na

2011 Earnings: $10 Million

#8. Li Na

2011 Earnings: $8 Million

#9. Ana Ivanovic

2011 Earnings: $6 Million

#10. Paula Creamer

2011 Earnings: $5.5 million

[See full list on Forbes.com]

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Highest-Paid Female Athletes 2011