Vegas’ Top 10 NFL Teams Most Likely to Win Super Bowl 49


Soon after Super Bowl 48 ended and the Seahawks hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy, Vegas was already taking bets on the teams most likely to win Super Bowl 49. While the list tends to vary slightly across the web, most agree the teams listed here all have a chance to win the big game. These franchises have stable front offices, impressive coaching staffs and talent across their rosters. Their quarterback situation is more secure than other teams and they have a core of young talent they can build around. These teams also have a lot of cap space to use or have shown a keen ability to manage the cap.

More than anything, the offseason will determine how likely these odds are to be fulfilled. As we saw last year, injuries can wreck a team’s chance to be competitive or make a strong playoff run (e.g., the Falcons and Packers). For others with depth and stability, the same hardship can be a rallying call (e.g., the Patriots). That is the beauty of the NFL. Anything is possible on any given Sunday, or in the case off the offseason, the start of free agency, draft and pre-season.

So, let’s take a look at the teams most likely to win Super Bowl 49 according to While some of these teams will surprise you, others will not. What do you think of their odds?

10. Philadelphia Eagles, 30/1 Odds

In 2013, Chip Kelly and General Manager Howie Roseman did wonders with an Eagles team that looked lost during Andy Reid’s final year as head coach. They finished the season 10-6 and played competitively in their 26-24 loss in the wild-card round to the New Orleans Saints. With the offseason in full swing for the Eagles and the NFL Combine a mere three weeks away, it’s now time for them to add to their roster.

Like all teams, the Eagles have one big decision to make: How do they want to build their team? If they hope to remain consistent on offense and value the budding chemistry between quarterback Nick Foles and Riley Cooper, then they’ll try to resign Cooper. In the eight games he played with Foles, the 26-year-old receiver caught 45 receptions for over 800 yards and eight touchdowns. Cooper may even come at a bargain price, somewhere in the $3 to $5 million range, if other teams show him little interest because of his off-the-field transgressions. Last summer, cameras caught Cooper using racial slurs at a summer concert and his actions sparked outrage across the United States.

The Eagles have roughly $20 million or more available to resign players and court free agents. This puts them in excellent shape to improve problem areas, particularly along their defensive line and the back end of their secondary; however, don’t expect them to go on a free agent spending spree like they did in 2012.  GM Roseman is frugal with the cap and Kelly is a disciplinarian on and off the field. Instead, the Eagles will cut dead weight like safety Patrick Chung and restructure players like tight end Brent Celek, whose underwhelming 32 receptions and 505 yards in 2013 failed to live up to his $4 million contract.

Odds to win Super Bowl 49: 30/1