Top 10 Highest-Paid NFL Cornerbacks in 2013

One thing stood out while reviewing the contracts of the NFL cornerbacks who had the highest cap numbers in the league in 2013: Giving CBs big deals is often bad business for teams.

A true shutdown corner can be the cornerstone (no pun intended) of a championship defense. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks if you don’t believe me. Still, there’s a bit of “buyer beware” when it comes to making any cornerback the highest-paid player on a defense.

Over half of the guys mentioned in the list below did not, quite frankly, fully earn their money via how they performed on the field in 2013.

10. Carlos Rogers – San Francisco 49ers: $7,344,531 in 2013

Rogers is paid to be a great cornerback, but he only produces as does a good corner. He had two picks and 47 total tackles in 2013, and he is set to turn 33 years old in the summer. There’s one more negative aspect to Rogers playing for San Fran next season:

His cap number is about to go up to over $8 million.

The 49ers asked Rogers to take a pay cut last offseason. The veteran declined at that time, but he may not have a choice this spring if he is to remain with the club. His restructuring his deal is likely the only way Rogers and San Francisco will not soon part ways.

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