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4. Chad Johnson / Eels, Lemur, Bengal Tiger / Total Cost: $75,000

Formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, Johnson used to be a superstar in the NFL, where he appeared in six Pro Bowls (2003-2007, 2009). Unfortunately, in 2012, he was arrested on a charge of domestic battery, causing him to be released by the Miami Dolphins. Prior to that arrest, however, Chad caught the attention of the media not only for his football play, but also for his extreme taste in pets. A tweet posted by Johnson in April of 2011 exemplifies just how unconventional his pets are.

It seems the lemur and the Bengal tiger weren’t enough for the 2006 NFL Receiving Yards leader. In August of 2013, Chad posted the following tweet:

Maybe someone ought to tell Johnson that not many chicks love eels.

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