Top 10 Tallest Active NBA Players


It’s not news that basketball players tend to be on the tall side. But did you know that the average height of an NBA player is 6 feet 7 inches? When your career depends on your ability to take lengthy strides and reach 10-foot-high baskets, it’s not very surprising that the taller a basketball player, the better suited they are for the game.

Although there have been some short players in the NBA over the years, the vast majority of players tend to be giants (at least by non-NBA standards). Being tall is an advantage to both offensive as well as defensive players. From delivering the perfect slam dunk or 3-pointer, to preventing someone else from doing so, a player’s height plays a crucial role at every stage in the game. Since the goal of basketball is to deliver the ball to such a high basket, the advantages of being tall are pretty obvious. So, players who reach staggering heights (pun intended) in the sport are usually those who are taller than their opponents.

However, height is not the only factor that determines a player’s success in the game. The tallest players may not necessarily be the most speedy or agile. Many tall players may be clumsy because of the added coordination it requires for them to move around the court. Generally speaking, the highest-paid players are those who have a perfect combo of height and agility. Of course, being associated with a successful team helps as well. Here we list out the 10 tallest active NBA superstars and see how their salaries measure up.

10. Andrea Bargnani – 7’0″ – $10.75 million in 2013-14

Currently wearing jersey number 7 in the New York Knicks, Andrea Bargnani is originally from Italy. Standing 7’0″ tall and weighing in at 256 pounds, Bragnani began his basketball career in 2006. Before joining the Knicks squad, he played for the Toronto Raptors from 2006 to 2013. Nicknamed “Il Mago”, or “The Magician”, he helped the Raptors reach the Playoffs in his first two seasons with the team. Bargnani played in the Italian Serie A and the Euroleague prior to joining the NBA. As a forward for the Knicks, the 27-year-old athlete is making $10.75 million this season.