Top 10 Greatest Baseball Movies of All Time



Of all sports, baseball seems to have the smoothest transition to the big screen. Perhaps it’s the slower pace of the game, which makes it easier for Hollywood to work its magic on a scene. Maybe it’s because baseball already has a romanticized feel to it, more so than other sports. Whatever the reason, many great baseball movies have been churned out, spread across the dramatic and comedic genres. Here are the best baseball movies of all time.

10) The Sandlot (1993)

Oh, why do the insults thrown by children in 90s movies seem so lame today? Ah well, it was good at the time.

The Sandlot may be viewed as a kids movie at first glance, but it’s actually easy for baseball fans of every generation to enjoy.

The movie is pretty touching in some ways. The main character, Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry) is the new kid in the neighbourhood and attempts to fit in through baseball. He is without a true male role model in his life, as his stepfather makes little time for him.

No baseball movie involving kids was able to top Bad News Bears, but the Sandlot is about as close as a film has ever gotten.

James Earl Jones delivers a phenomenal performance as Mr. Mertle.

The movie makes you wish you had spent more of your childhood playing ball with other kids around the block.