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15 Hot Pro Snowboarders That Will Warm You Up


When it comes to hot chicks that also happen to be athletes, one has a lot to choose from. You have the incredible bodies of track and field athletes, the ridiculous butts that it seems all female volleyball players have, and of course we can’t forget female surfers, who have that incredible combination of being totally hot and also being totally cool, that just about all of us guys desire.

But there is one type of female athlete that has that combination of being totally sexy and really cool even better than the surfer, and that of course is the female snowboarder. I mean come on, anyone can be all cool and sexy when they are wearing a bikini, all sun tanned and riding a wave. These chicks go out and do it when it is cold outside. They are wearing hats and mittens for crying out loud. They are the real deal, gorgeous women who love their sport, and look amazing, even with a small amount of frostbite.

So let’s check them out, shall we? Since this is about how good looking all of these ladies are, we attempted to find some photos of them where they are not all bundled up in snow parkas and wearing mittens, although let’s face it, girls in mittens are cute. Especially if they are wearing nothing else.

These chicks are way better than hot cocoa and a warm fire could ever be. Here are 15 hot female snowboarders to warm you up when it is cold outside.

15. Jamie Anderson


Next up is Jamie Anderson. Some of these chicks just look like snowboarders, I mean what else could they possibly be other than that when you look like this? Jamie is an Olympic Gold Medal winner from 2010. According to her website “she appeared on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice after the Olympics in 2014 and also graced the covers of such publications such as ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue and Sport’s Illustrated’s Winter Olympic Preview issue. In 2014, Jamie won two ESPY awards for “Best Female U.S. Olympian” and “Best Female Action Sports Athlete.” So let’s just say Jamie is good at what she does, and that she is also super hot. And when it comes right down to it, isn’t that enough? I certainly know that it is for me.

14. Spencer O’Brien,g_center,h_1200,w_65535/a_auto,,q_95/v1/bb9c2742be18d2344e3af6ac5c2d0d67/spencer2.jpg


If I had to go home and tell my parents that I was dating someone named Spencer O’Brien, I would certainly hope that the person I was talking about looked like this Spencer O’Brien. Despite having a name that sounds like she is a bartender at an Irish pub, Spencer is totally hot. She is 28-years-old and from Canada and according to the X Games website is: “one of the most progressive female slopestyle riders on the scene. Always a favorite for the podium, Spencer now owns five XG medals (one gold, one silver, three bronze). She became the first female to land a 900 in X Games competition when she stomped a backside 900 off the Money Booter at XG Aspen 2015.” She has got to be one of the hottest chicks named Spencer anywhere.

13. Torah Bright


Torah Bright is totally gorgeous, let’s just get that right out of the way right off the bat. Torah is a snowboarder from Australia. One must excuse my ignorance, but it never occurred to me that there were snowboarders from Australia, or good ones anyway. This is because it also never occurred to me that there are mountains in Australia. I flunked geography. She is a good one though, as she won a gold medal in 2010, and a silver medal in 2014. She now lives and trains in Salt Lake City, Utah. She even participated in Dancing With the Stars. I have a bit of a secret; I have never watched that show, not even once, although I suppose now that Torah is on it I might have to check it out. She is hot enough to convince me to.

12. Lindsey Jacobellis


Next on this list of ridiculously hot snow bunnies is Lindsey Jacobellis. Does calling a world class athlete a snow bunny sound awful? I don’t think so. She is a three time  Olympian, a 27-time World Cup gold medalist, a 10-time X Game gold medalist and a four-time World Champion. Although she has done quite well obviously, she is perhaps best known for showboating, and falling, during the Olympics, which is thought to have cost her a gold medal.  She is originally from Stratton Vermont, and since I am from Maine I am fairly sure there are actually mountains in Stratton. But hey, what this article is about is being super hot, and Lindsey has all of that going on for sure- with looks like that she can showboat all she wants.

11. Linn Haug


Every list of this sort, and I mean every single one of them, has to include Linn Haug. She is not only super hot, but is also willing to pose in bikinis in the snow, and that is something that you just can’t sleep on. She says on her website: “Doing competitions, shooting photos and traveling all year around is amazing. To meet new people and see new places never gets old. Even though I am doing a lot of competitions, I feel like the snowboarding I do in between is what gives me the most. That’s when I can progress and push my own riding further. I am so grateful that I am able to do what I love the most and travel the world with friends.” Linn, could I be your friend and travel the world with you? Don’t say no right away, take your time and sleep on it.

10. Elena Hight


Elena Hight is gorgeous. Not to mention those abs though! She is  an American Olympic snowboarder. She is a two-time Olympian, has medaled at four Winter X Games, and was the 2012 US Open Champion. If you want to see more of Elena, and I am sure you do, she was one of the people that posed for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue of which she said: “I’m finally getting to the age where I’m comfortable with myself. I want to show young girls and up and coming athletes that it’s good to be proud of your body and take care of it.” Elena, speaking for all of us, even those of us that are not young girls or up and coming athletes, we are glad you are proud of your body and take care of it. Thanks for being you.

9. Kaitlyn Farrington


Kaitlyn, who won a gold medal for the United States in 2014, recently retired because of a spine condition, but when it comes to this list, she is still a more than active participant. Hey, you might not be able to defend your title on the slopes Kaitlyn, but until someone hotter comes along, you are still in my top 15. Of her retirement she said: “I thought I was too young to hear the word ‘retirement.’ There’s so much I still want to do in the halfpipe. I thought I’d be pushing the sport for many more years and try to make the Olympic team in 2018. But the risk of snowboarding in a halfpipe or hitting jumps is too high. It’s been tough to accept, but I’m retiring from competitive snowboarding.” Such a drag, all we have left are our photos. But hey, at least we have those.

8. Silje Norendal


Lately our country has become a bit divided, with people arguing about politics, and how we all choose to live our lives. If there is one thing that we all can agree on though, it is that Silje Norendal is super hot, and in that special way that is particular to the women of Norway, which is where she is from of course. She has been quite successful in her sport. She competes in halfpipe, slopestyle and boardercross. She won gold in women’s slopestyle in Winter X Games Europe in Tignes in 2013. According to her X Games profile,  “She also is a fitness fanatic with stunning looks; the 22-year-old is a Nike covergirl and has been featured in the Norwegian editions of Cosmo and Elle magazines.” Stunning looks? Yeah, I have to admit I noticed that. Maybe a bit more than her talent on the board.

7. Gretchen Bleiler


So, I have to tell you guys something. Gretchen is super hot. She also is a big name in the business. She is a two-time Olympian and Olympic Silver medalist, a World Superpipe Champion and won the gold in the X Games four times. According to her website: “She is the winner of the ESPY award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Gretchen Bleiler is a snowboarding icon and one of the most accomplished snowboarders in the world. She has done modeling, sports commentary, and has been featured in everything from prime time talk shows and national commercials to hundreds of publications worldwide.” I would tell you more about her website, but at some point she mentions her husband. We don’t like thinking about that. Not at all.

6. Aleksandra Jekova


Are chicks from Bulgaria hot? I say yes, as I can only think of one right now, and that is Aleksandra. She competed for Bulgaria at the 2010 Winter Olympics in snowboard cross and parallel giant slalom. She also was Bulgaria’s flag bearer. She is one of the most popular athletes from Bulgaria, and why not? She looks fantastic, and is a great athlete as well. She says of being  famous in her home country: “My sport and me (as a face of the winter sports in the country) are very well recognized. The people love champions. They want to see me winning, they want to see the Bulgarian flag and hear the national anthem, but they also realize how hard is for our small and poor country to compete vs powers like the USA and Canada. The people support me and I want to win for them!” And we want you to win for us, Aleksandra!

5. Chanelle Sladics


One does not have to be a genius of any sort to recognize that Chanelle Sladics would wind up on this list; some of these women are so hot that it seems unfair to everyone else. Gorgeous and a good athlete? Come on. That’s just not fair now, is it? Chanelle is from Newport Beach, Rhode Island. It says on her website that she defied the odds of becoming one of the best slopestyle riders in the world, leading the progression of the sport for many years with her solid tricks, laid-back style, and playful competitiveness.” It also says,  “Chanelle inhabits the rare skill of being able to visualize her ideas so clearly that they can manifest into reality.” Man, Chanelle, when I look at photos of you it certainly makes me wish I had that rare skill as well.

4. Leanne Pelosi


Leanne Pelosi represented a bit of a dilemma for me with this list. Not because she is not totally gorgeous, because she totally is. No, it was more because, unlike a lot of these other ladies on this list, she keeps it pretty modest, so there was not much skin to be found. This is sad Leanne, but if you think it would keep you from getting on this list, you were oh so wrong. Leanne says she loves to snowboard: “I have an appreciation for all aspects of snowboarding. Slashes, methods, hand plants, creative lines or anything with style. The progression of creativity keeps me addicted and I thought I’d get sick of it by now, but it’s been 10 years of being pro and I still love it like the day I started. I’ll be snowboarding until my body can’t take it anymore.” Or until we can’t take it anymore, Leanne.

3. Tara Dakides



Tara certainly does not share Leanne’s view of taking it off for the camera, as one can see in photos we can’t show here. Tara became a bit of a celebrity through snowboarding. She was on the cover of  Sports Illustrated, FHM and Maxim, was on MTV Cribs, and The Late Show with David Letterman. She is one of the owners of O-matic Snowboards. She was born in Mission Viejo, California and has been a snowboarder since she was 13-years-old. While she never had success on a world stage because her time came before snowboarding was an Olympic sport, she did win a bunch of X Games titles. Sadly she does not snowboard much anymore as she is now married and has a couple of kids, which if you ask me is just totally awful.

2. Victoria Jealouse



Victoria is not only incredibly hot, she truly is, she is also a bit of a legend, as she gave up a lot of potential money to do “backcountry snowboarding” which basically meant that she just went and did her thing in some of the most wild and untouched areas imaginable. This was filmed of course. According to this: “during a time when big-mountain riding was an inexplicably unpopular way for a professional rider to make a living, Victoria Jealouse spent the 1990s and early 2000s dominating the steepest and scariest lines in Alaska and Whistler backcountry.  Jealouse left the world of competitive snowboarding and sought out a way to find her place within the all-male film crews that made up the teeny-tiny big-mountain riding world.” All this and totally hot too.

1. Hannah Teter


If you know anything at all about this topic, you knew that Hannah Teter was going to be here somewhere. She is an American Olympic champion, having won the gold medal in the halfpipe at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy and a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. This is not what this piece is all about though, sure there are a lot of great snowboarders out there, but how many of them look absolutely amazing wearing a snow hat and a bikini? Okay, I have to admit probably a lot of them do, but how many go out there and show it off? Not as many as I would like, that’s for sure. Hannah Teter does though, and for this we can all be thankful. Just like we can be thankful for all the hot female snowboarders out there, who show men and women alike, how it is possible to be sexy, cool, and a great athlete all at once.

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