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15 Terrifying Potential Disasters With Trump As President

15 Terrifying Potential Disasters With Trump As President


Indeed, the end of America as we know it is upon us. Why else is Twitter filled with #RipAmerica hashtags? The potential disasters that could arise under Donald Trump are just as shocking as Trump getting elected in the first place.

American values are already going by the wayside. Inequalities will widen. Even more hate will spread. All kinds of progress will not only be halted but will be entirely reversed. That includes progress made for women to have control of their own bodies, as well as curbing the damaging environmental effects of climate change. Race relations will suffer along with religious freedoms. Constitutional rights will be lost. A Great Depression and another World War all loom as potential disasters in the distance.

We see how America got it wrong here. It can be easy to confuse Trump with the more kind-hearted lasagna-loving Garfield (spoiler alert: more jokes poking fun at Donald Trump’s need to tan are upcoming). Ahh, Donald Trump. More like Donald Dump, because America is, quite possibly, going to utter sh*t. Or, if you prefer, going to hell in an Ivanka Trump handbag.

15. More Income Inequality



If there’s one stereotypical promise that gets voters all wound up and ready to cast in your favour, it’s promising them a bunch of tax cuts. Trump has, in fact, promised the largest tax cuts of any president since the 1980s. But there are always two sides to any coin, and this coin has a lot hidden beneath it. Simply put, the loss of tax revenue needs to be made up somewhere, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear plan about where the 7 trillion lost dollars will be made up. Yes, you heard that right: $7-trillion. The US could probably avoid the tax cuts and do something lavish with that money, like buy Canada or something. Think of the influx of maple syrup and Tim Hortons donuts. The sugar high alone should be enough to keep Americans happy and make them forget about the proposed tax cuts. Plus the US would then own a bunch of prime land that’s only covered by snow for about half the year. Besides, the tax cuts would benefit the top 1% more than anyone else, as usual, so we say, “Bring on the maple syrup!” In short, the gap between the rich and the poor widens yet again… Then again, did you expect anything different from a billionaire?

14. World War Three?


Since Donald Trump has come into power, it has been said that the chances of the US being in a third World War have increased. Of course, it is Trump we’re dealing with. Part of that has largely to do with the fact that Trump may pull out of NATO because he believes it to be useless, essentially. Then there’s also his temper.

He’s also made other terrifying statements, including the fact that he’s not against fighting terrorism with nuclear weapons and also that he thinks America should start selling them to other countries. As if you needed more evidence of how easily a world war could about under Trump, he has also said that he will use nuclear weapons as a means to be “unpredictable.” Trump’s unpredictability, as evidenced via his entire campaign, could be very dangerous – especially if someone mentions his tiny hands (or brain). From a man whose Tweeting privileges were revoked in the days just before election day, well, enough said.

13. He May Be The Next Adolf Hitler



Last week, a Californian history teacher was forced to leave his school after a parent complained that he had made comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Of course, comparisons between the two are nothing new, either – they’ve been circling around for quite some time now, even by celebrities. From their rise to power based on racism to being pro mass deportations to blaming certain races for the country’s problems, the parallels between the two are many. We don’t know what could come of it, and hopefully they will keep the rabid orange animal (hey, he calls women animals, right?) at least somewhat under control, but we can’t say we feel comfortable knowing all the power is in the hands of someone who has been compared to Adolf freaking Hitler (also, go sign the petition so that the history teacher can return to his post).

12. Millions of Jobs Lost 



Donald Trump has a lot of (mostly ill-informed) ideas about how he will bring a lot of jobs to America, which is also partly why the working class bought into his campaign. In many cases, however, his ideas are actually going to have the opposite effect. For one, Trump has talked a lot about trade deals but economists have weighed in and suggested that these deals actually have very little effect on jobs; it is things like robots taking over a lot of jobs that has more of a negative effect on employment rates. Then there’s his tax plan. His plan would initially bolster 1.7 million more jobs than would have been available in 2018. By 2027, however, those same tax cuts would cause a loss of 692,000 jobs. Then there’s the projected recession that will arise if Trump goes through with his plan to raise tariffs on Chinese and Mexican goods – an estimated loss of 3 or 4 million jobs by 2021. Trump’s plan to open up a lot of jobs by deporting illegal immigrants will also have the opposite intended effect. We could go on.

11. A War On Women



Donald Trump will be (figuratively) grabbing women by the you-know-where. This is yet another way in which Trump will reverse years of social progress, continuing and even worsening the war on women. First of all, Trump doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose. And Trump knows best.

In his first television interview since becoming president, he said he will appoint pro-life judges, which means that it will be increasingly likely that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned and women’s reproductive rights will regress back to where they were years ago. This will be especially true in states like Texas where laws are already in place to reduce these rights. People will have to travel to get abortions, but not everyone will be able to afford it. Back-alley abortions will increase. Trump will have a hand in the death of many women.

American women are also now in a frenzy, naturally, to get long lasting birth control like the IUD before Trump puts his small hands all over the Affordable Care Act. The war on women will wage on and an erasure of social progress with be the result.

10. Minority Groups Uprooted 



We all know that Donald Trump doesn’t think too fondly of minority groups. From wanting to remove undocumented immigrants to banning Muslims from being able to enter America, these are promises that Donald Trump may act on. While some have questioned his ability to do this, or at least questioned the extent of it, it is very likely that Trump will actually succeed in getting rid of the Dreamer program, one that gives a work permit to children who came to America illegally. There are roughly 742,000 of them right now. As it stands now, however, it looks like Trump has not changed his stance on immigrants since becoming president. In his first television interview since becoming president, Trump said that he plans to deport up to as many as 3 million undocumented immigrants “immediately.” Indeed, it was reported he has already been drafting up instructions for deportation officers. But removing all of those people from the labor force has a lot of negative consequences for the economy, including a loss of unskilled jobs and a drop in salaries, exactly the opposite effect Trump thought he would have.

9. Sick People Struggling To Survive


Americans are going to need a good health care plan now that they are unable to mentally and physically cope with a Trump presidency (there’s also going to be a lot of health problems with the increased pollution with the halt of global warming progress and if he manages to bring back the coal industry, the latter of which is probably unlikely). Nevertheless, you may recall that Trump promised to repeal Obamacare, which is problematic because it leaves a lot of sick Americans in its wake – people who acutely depend on this insurance to be able to survive (he has since revised this to say that he will keep two of the most popular aspects of Obamacare, including the fact that people with pre-existing conditions can’t simply be dropped and children can be covered under their parent’s insurance policy until they are 26 years old). What might Trump do instead? He might do tax-free health savings accounts, which wouldn’t benefit the part of the American population that doesn’t make a lot of money. Whether or not you support Obamacare, the fact remains that a lot of people depend on it and getting rid of it would leave a lot of sick Americans who struggle to survive.

8. No More Oreos (Yes, The Cookie)


“No more Oreos! No more Oreos!” yells Trump. That’s right. You heard the man. Not only does he want the undocumented immigrants out, but he wants the Oreos out along with them. If there’s one protest we’d join, it would certainly be one involving cookies. Someone get the signs ready! Come on now: a loss of Oreos would be devastating. Everyone loves Oreos. Who doesn’t have fond memories of trying to pull them apart in order to get to the white icing in the middle? Surely it was among your favourite after-school activities. If we have you scared, yes, you heard us right. Oreo’s parent company has plans to move several of its production lines to Mexico and we all know how Trump feels about Mexico (he is friends with many Mexican people). If Trump has said anything more truthful this entire campaign it is this: “It’s going to be tough getting off Oreos.”

7. A Great Depression (As In Lots Of Sad People)



No, we don’t mean a great depression as in the economic depression. We mean depression in the clinical sense, wherein one’s mental health is compromised by feelings of despair, apathy and dullness. If election anxiety was a very real thing (and it was), we elevate the current health crisis for many Americans to that of a great depression. We are saying this in somewhat of a light tone, but many immigrants and Muslims are actually quite afraid for their life. Take a look at your social media pages and you are bound to see an article about self-care. Buzzfeed is basically where you go to look at cute puppies all day. Indeed, if you are feeling a little unwell these days, finding a dog to pet or taking a walk out in nature may make you feel a little better.

6. An Actual Economic Depression Too



You may want to start stockpiling essentials Walking Dead-style in order to survive a very likely recession that will occur should Trump’s economic policies be put into place. From his large tariffs on Mexican and Chinese goods which would go on to increase the price of these products for Americans, to tax cuts, there are many possible ways that a recession could come about. Indeed, economists who know much more than we do on the topic believe that a recession is actually quite likely under Trump, just as it was under George W. Bush. They predict that America could possibly be in a recession by 2018 and would not get out of it until 2020. Another Great Depression could very well be in our future.

5. Environmental Devastation


By now, you’ve probably heard that Donald Trump believes global warming to be a hoax, one started by the Chinese. Someone needs to officially bring back the “I’m on a boat” meme because it is as relevant as ever (you know, because of the rising sea levels). Jokes aside, the world’s top scientists are now in emergency mode, launching one of the “biggest environmental campaigns” to ever exist in order to convince Trump that global warming is real. We all are probably somewhat informed on what Trump’s plans are regarding the environment, from dropping out of the Paris Agreement, etc. But what does all of this mean if Trump’s plans come to fruition? Basically, a lot more pollution, hotter temperatures and a severe loss of animal and plant life. You can expect more extremes in weather like drought and hurricanes. The rise in sea levels is particularly dangerous with very serious effects on the entire globe. Shortages of both food and water and even armed conflict loom if Trump doesn’t let go of his conspiracy theories (or pick up a book other than Trump: The Art of the Deal).

4. Hate Crimes & Decreased Racial Equality


A Trump presidency means a loss of America’s core values. Equality between men and women is diminished, for one. Prejudice, racism and flat-out hatred for other people (Mexicans, Muslims, the LGBT community, women) are on the rise. You can’t deny this because it is already evident in what has been dubbed “The Trump Effect.” Harassment, hate speech and hate crimes are already taking place in America and this is only the beginning. The damage is already done and it will culminate in the years to come. Make America Hate again.

Other American values, such as the value of scientific approaches will be no more: we see this in Trump’s denial of global warming. Progress will be undermined, including a regression of basic constitutional rights that were hard-fought, like a woman’s right to have control over her own body. Years of environmental progress may be all but eradicated. The ramifications of a complete re-wiring of American values is immense and let us tell you that the future is not bright. It is the stuff of the next Netflix series you will binge-watch.

3. Literally, Any Disaster Could Happen



Again, we return to Donald Trump’s unpredictability and the devastating consequences of his sociopathic personality in general (not our words). First of all, none of us knows exactly what Trump will do at any given moment. Sometimes he starts sentences and we don’t even have a slight clue of where he’s going with it. He’s like Michael Scott, from The Office, in a sense, but not in a funny way. If we can’t even figure out where he’s going with a sentence, what can we expect he will do with the world?

He has no experience with politics or with the military: the man has been in politics for less time than it takes you self-tan a nice shade of Garfield orange. Or an Oompa Loompa. His policies change from one minute to the next. They are also uninformed. He contradicts himself. He cites various facts as if they were actual, well, facts, such as inner cities being full of crime. Now he has more power out of any other president since 1928. Buckle up, America. We don’t know where this ride is going to take us, but it is sure to be a hell of a ride.

2. The Worst Violent Attack



The National Rifle Association is one of Trump’s biggest supporters, so obviously you can expect that it will be legal to carry a gun in more places in America under a Trump presidency. He also plans to do away with gun free school zones. Whether you are in favor of gun control or not, studies have shown that tight gun control leads to less crime. Whether you believe, you can’t disagree that violence, in general, is on the rise under President Trump. Hate crimes are already appearing, even in elementary schools. It’s possible that a Trump presidency will give ISIS more ammunition to target America. What could come of Trump’s plan to deport the gangs and drug lords? Trump himself has already received death threats via Twitter, and let’s truly hope not, but it has been said that Trump could very well be the next president to be targeted. An increase in violence is already happening and not only is it likely to continue but it will also get a lot worse.

1. The Damage Can’t Be Undone



All of this is to say that the majority of the damage that could arise in the above scenarios won’t be able to be undone. President Trump may only be in power for a maximum of eight years, and him getting re-elected after four even seems like a bit of a stretch, but the effects of his presidency could be permanent. The damaging effects of ignoring global warming, for example, would mar our planet forever. The damage to immigrant families and their very lives would change forever. The thought is not only frightening, something out of a Dystopian novel, but also equally sad. Not only will Trump change America forever but he will also change our very existence. We don’t know what a post-Trump America will look like, but it will almost certainly end with us desperately searching for a way to “Make American Great Again”.

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