10 Wealthy People Who Never Worked A Day In Their Life

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There seems to be an ever increasing number of billionaires in the world today. Many people are curious about whether these billionaires have created their own wealth or if they have inherited it from their families. The answer is actually quite complicated, since no two people have the same exact life story. But learning a bit about their background can tell us a lot about what these billionaires have done to earn their wealth. There are some who were simply lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time. Many others inherited quite a bit of money, but have since built on that wealth as well.

10. Athina Onassis ($1 Billion)

This is actually the youngest billionaire in the entire world as of now. She has inherited her wealth from her late grandfather, Aristotle Onassis. Athina Onassis She was named the heir to his estate when she was just three, though she could not officially claim the fortune until she reached adulthood in 2003. Among the many components of her inheritance, she was able to claim ownership over a Greek island known as Skorpios.

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