‹ Building An Empire: The World’s 5 Richest Bodybuilders

3. Joe Weider – $35 million

A legend in the world of bodybuilding, Joe Weider was a Canadian bodybuilder and an entrepreneur who had amassed an estimated net worth of $35 million before he passed away in March this year aged 93. The only Canadian on our list, Josef Wider was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1919, to Jewish emigrant parents from Poland. Weider is credited with founding many leading bodybuilding competitions including Mr. Olympia, Ms Olympia, and Master Olympia. At 17, Joe Weider had an early interest in his body – he published the first issue of Your Physique that year, which would later become the renowned Muscle and Fitness Magazine. He was a co-founder of the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) and went on to publish other internationally distinguished bodybuilding and fitness magazines like Men’s Fitness, Flex
and Shape magazine. His involvement in the world of bodybuilding was pioneering, and the pivotal ‘The Weider System of Bodybuilding’ published in 1981 arguably secured his place as a legend in the history of the sport.

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