The Richest Young Money Members


As of 2013, the Young Money label continues to house some of the wealthiest hip hop artists in the world. Birdman continues to lead the list of Young Money Cash Money millionaires with a net worth of $170 million and deserves honorable mention, even though he does not technically belong to our list of Young Money millionaires.

Now, here is a look at who is worth the most, the one that’s got a head start over the others, who is catching up, the classy millionaires, the flaunters, who’s the most down to earth and other Young Money trivia.

Young Money’s Richest Members

Down-to-earth Lil Wayne far ahead of other YM members

It is no surprise that at the top of the list is Young Money’s founder Lil Wayne, who is also its most well-known member. Lil Wayne has a net worth that crossed $135 million this year. Wayne’s fortune has been made through the sale of over 12.9 million albums in the U.S. and more than 37 million singles. At twenty nine, Wayne has the highest money to age ratio at $3.54 million.

Wayne’s work is his life, and he’s always pushing himself and making sacrifices for work ever since he started out as a pre-teen under Birdman. Since then he has released nine solo albums, three group albums, endless mix-tapes plus a collaboration album with Birdman and added Young Money and his clothing line TruckFit to his many business ventures. Yet for all his fame and wealth, the artist remains one of the most down to earth of the Young Money billionaires.