5 Survival Skills The Walking Dead Taught Us

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Electricity is out. Gas lines are down. You are held up in your home with only your family and a few close friends. Staying there will not be safe for long. As any zombie enthusiast knows, you need to find higher ground. But maybe you’re not an enthusiast, just an ordinary person living day-to-day with no concerns about an apocalypse. Or maybe you just don’t believe it will happen, at least not the zombie variety.

With the idea of a zombie apocalypse hitting mainstream, we see zombies everywhere from books to movies even on clothing in stores. Preparing for the end of days, whether it comes via a deadly virus, hellfire, or zombie outbreak ┬áis a way of life for some, as can be seen on the television series Doomsday Preppers, where we get a firsthand look at how some people go to the extreme while waiting for that day to come. If you’re not taking precautionary measures yourself, you may still get enjoyment out of watching movies like World War Z or the ever popular AMC series The Walking Dead.

Surely, you haven’t missed seeing the band of followers The Walking Dead boasts. Our social media news feeds are often riddled with posts such as “#DeadSunday” or “#teamDaryl.” Even if you don’t watch this series, you probably know exactly what’s happening in recent episodes through office chatter. Not all of the followers that watch TWD are expecting for the world to end with zombies taking over; if you happen to be one that watches for amusement, you may have learned a thing or two without even realizing it. Take a look at these five useful life hacks used in TWD by Rick and the rest of his group.

Regardless of the name, this can stove can come in handy for a of person from any walk of life. From episode one of TWD, we see Morgan, his son and Rick sitting at the dinner table while a can of food is heating up on this makeshift stove. Not only is it a perfect way to stay warm but it’s also a great way to warm up food at night while staying out of sight from the living dead; as the flame is contained within the walls of the can. Grab an empty tin can and punch a good amount of holes all around the edge with your ever trusty knife, for venting out the smoke. Next, get yourself either a candle or some plain old wax, stuffing it inside of an empty tuna can with some corrugated cardboard and you have yourself a genuine hobo stove. The slow burning wax mixed with cardboard will last long enough to make you and others a delicious canned meal.

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