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10 Ridiculously Big Guns That People Really Use

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10 Ridiculously Big Guns That People Really Use

The world is filled with a variety of different guns. Although they are generally destructive devices that can cause pain and pose a significant danger, they have become an essential part of civilization because of their widespread use across a large number of industries and services. Police services and armed forces use guns for protection, ensuring that enemies or criminals cannot overcome them, while others utilize the weapons for things such as hunting and target practice.

Regardless though, there are some elements that all of these activities share that require the weapons to be as compact and efficient as possible. This makes the guns far easier to wield, helps aiming to be quicker and reduces the risk of recoil. Overly large devices lose these attributes and so manufacturers will usually endeavor to make their products as powerful as possible, without being unwieldy.

However, there are some people who do not focus on practicality with their weapons but instead, want a gun that is simply huge. Other elements are deemed less important for the sheer impressive size of the device. These owners don’t want a gun that is easy to use, rather they want a truly massive gun that is incredibly powerful. Manufacturers have created several weapons that fit this description, although they are entirely impractical for the vast majority of people.

10. WTS .50 BMG



The WTS 0.50 BMG is perhaps the largest pistol that can be bought on the market. The weapon itself weights almost 16 pounds and has an incredibly long muzzle length, making it look more like a rifle than a traditional handgun. However, it was designed specifically to be held and fired with just one hand despite its size and weight. It fires .50 Browning Machine Gun rounds that are capable of delivering a large punch. In fact, the initial brief for the design had it being used against tanks, light vehicles and aircraft. Due to the powerful ammo though, each cartridge has to be loaded one at a time through a bolt-action mechanism.

9. Denel NTW-20



The Denel NTW-20 is markedly different from most other rifles in that it has been designed as an anti-materiel rifle rather than an anti-personnel weapon. This means that rather than being used to fight enemy combatants it is instead used to target the likes of aircraft, armored vehicles, missile sites, satellite dishes and gun emplacements. It can do this thanks to its exceptional power that is a direct result of its huge size. Weighing in at 68 pounds and being almost 6-foot in length, the rifle has a range of a mile and a half. The versatile weapon is also unique in that it can be used as a sniper rifle and because the caliber can be changed without needing to dismantle it.

8. Elephant Guns

When Europeans first began travelling to and settling in Africa, they faced a problem of being able to protect themselves from huge animals such as hippos and elephants, as their usual weapons were no use against them. This led to the development of the elephant gun. However, this isn’t a specific model of weapon, but rather the common name given for any gun fitting the general description. They were generally very large hunting rifles that were capable of providing enough stopping power to kill an elephant with a single shot. Later models began using new technology to increase the trajectory to hundreds of feet. They were even used during World War I in the trenches as both sides experimented with ways to end trench warfare.

7. Davy Crockett

The Davy Crockett, otherwise known as the M-28 Weapon System, is a large mounted gun that acts as a portable nuclear weapon launcher. It operates like a grenade launcher, throwing a purpose built nuclear device over long distances. The small nuclear device was able to deliver a yield of up to 20 tons of TNT, making it a portable weapon that could cause widespread devastation to a large number of enemies or entire positions. Especially when considering that a lethal dose of radiation would spread to at least a quarter of a mile of the blast. Although more than 2,000 of the devices were made, the U.S. Army was reluctant to ever use them or deploy them extensively due to the worry of further escalating the threat of nuclear weapons in wartime.

6. .577 Tyrannosaur



Rather than a huge gun, the .557 Tyrannosaur is a huge rifle cartridge. Built to be used almost exclusively in stopping rifles, the round was first designed in 1993, with the express purpose of being used by professional guides taking tourists and hunters on safari or on hunts. The large size and incredible amount of energy released through the Tyrannosaur could be used to effectively stop any rampaging game that was charging at people. Because of the muzzle energy approaching almost 11,000 foot-pounds, force and the projectile moving at more than 2,400 ft/s, firing the cartridge is extremely difficult as the recoil can be exceptional.

5. Heckler & Koch GMG



The GMG in the name of this stands for grenade machine gun, and that by itself should paint a pretty good picture for why this gun is simply an outrageous piece of technology. It combines the rapid fire mechanism of a machine gun with the devastating power of a grenade launcher to create a gun that can’t be carried and instead, has to be mounted on a tripod in order for users to operate it. Originally developed for use by the German Army, it can fire 40 mm grenades at a rate of 340 rounds per minute and is more than 4-foot long.

4. .600 Nitro Express Revolver

Created by the Australian arms manufacture Pfeifer Waffen, it is widely considered to be the largest handgun made by an actual gunsmith rather than a custom made weapon. Pfeifer Waffen created it especially for a wealthy Swiss client but do offer to build further models for others if enough money is offered. Weighing more than 13 pounds and with a length of 22 inches, the handgun is huge. It also is one of the most powerful weapons of its type in the world, outputting muzzle energy of just over 7,500 foot-pounds. In fact, the revolver is so powerful that it had to be built out of tungsten to ensure that it would not disintegrate when fired due to the excessive force.

3. .905 Rifles



The .905 Rifles are arguably the most powerful rifles in the world. They have only been produced in very small numbers but are capable of firing rounds at 2,100 feet per second and muzzle energy of 254,000 foot-pounds. The ammunition itself weighs ten times what a typical sniper rifle round does, and each individual round can cost up to $40 as they have to be specially made for the rifle. The weapons are so powerful and heavy that it cannot be held when fired and must be mounted or rested on the floor when used. The sheer power they produce also means that custom scopes and other components could break under the strain.

2. Custom Remington Model 1859

Polish custom weapon maker Ryszard Tobys, built this huge pistol in 2009 using the Remington Model 1859 as the basis for the design. Although based on the classic handgun, this custom version differs in several ways, with the most notable being the huge size. All-in-all, the pistol is more than 4-foot long and cannot be held even with two hands. The custom built pistol is also 28mm in caliber, giving it the ability to fire 1.1 inch rounds. This all means that to fire the weapon, it must be secured in place and be resting on a solid surface, otherwise it could cause serious injury to the user.

1. Punt Gun



The Punt Gun was a type of weapon used in the 19th and 20th centuries. They usually ranged in size, from 10-feet to 15-feet, and were mounted on small boats called punts as their recoil and size made them impractical to use as a normal gun. Essentially, they were giant shotguns capable of firing more shots than many other weapons combined. This extravagantly large gun was not used to fight armored vehicles or attack large targets that were very far away; instead, it was used almost exclusively for shooting ducks. One shot of the weapon was capable of killing 50 waterfowl, making it ideal for those who wanted to hunt the animals to sell, as it saved a great deal of time.

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