The 10 Most Poverty Ridden Countries In Europe

The Poorest

This list is based on each country per Capita GDP, which has been determined in 2012 by the CIA. These numbers were determined by actually dividing the country’s GDP by the population of the country. This provides a rough estimation of the income of individual people within a country. This list highlights the top 10 countries that are the poorest in Europe and the reason that they are in these positions.

10. Bulgaria – GDP of $14,200

Bulgaria is located in the Southeastern portion of Europe and holds the spot as the 14th largest country in the entire continent. It is currently home to a total of more than seven million residents, with the majority of these people being Christians. On January 1, 2007, Bulgaria joined the European Union, which means that it is one of the most current members of this Union. At one time, Bulgaria was ruled by ideology from communism. However, policies of the state were changed and it is currently considered a type of market economy. The largest city in Bulgaria is Sofia and it is also the financial capital of this 10th poorest nation in all of Europe.