The Top 10 Richest Presidents in the World

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With power come not only the fame but also, more importantly, the fortune. Heads of state or government are supposed to be the servants of the people, but it may be an extremely difficult and even thankless job. Those who serve should have a real and sincere love for his mother country to perform such a role.

Real servants should be one with his people and must know what the ordinary man is feeling. That is why a lot of admiration comes the way of Jose Mujica, the President of Uruguay who has eschewed all the perks of his power to live with and among ordinary Uruguayans. But sometimes, it may also help to be rich because it will allow the person to focus on his job without worrying about money to provide for his family.

And money worries, these heads of state and government do not have. Here now is a list of the top 10 richest presidents in the world.

10. Sebastian Pinera, President of Chile – $2.4 billion


Sebastian Pinera came to power in 2010 after being elected as the first billionaire to be sworn in as President of Chile. He owned Chilevision, a terrestrial television channel that broadcasted all over Chile. He also owned 27 percent of LAN Airlines after purchasing the shares of Scandinavian Airlines in the former state-owned firm in 1994. He also held a 13 percent share in Colo Colo, one of the country’s most popular football clubs. He was also responsible for introducing credit cards to Chile in the 70s.