The 10 Wealthiest Presidents In United States History

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There may not be a more powerful job than being the President of the United States. Over the course of 227 years, 44 men have joined this elite group that essentially ruled the world. Unfortunately, ruling the world itself is not that great of a moneymaker. Even if it was, Presidents of the United States have the weight of the world on their shoulders every day. The world has changed considerably from the one that George Washington was a president for, in contrast to the world we currently live in. The value of a dollar has also changed considerably over the course of the 44 presidents’ time in office.

Presidential salaries have increased six times in history.

1789 – $25,000

1873 – $53,000

1909 – $75,000

1949 – $100,000

1969 – $200,000

2001 – $400,000

It is obvious that the salary that the President receives is not enough to make tens of millions of dollars. But being a President has its perks after leaving office, and as you’ll see, for many of these people they had advantages before the oval office as well. The following list is a list of the ten richest Presidents in history. Some on the list used their role of being a former POTUS as a way to generate millions after leaving office, while others made their money by being fortunate enough to be born into or marry into a wealthy family.

The monetary values on the list are adjusted to the current value of the dollar. The dollar amount is also the amount of money that the President had at the height of their wealth.

10. Bill Clinton: $55 Million

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The ladies’ man from Arkansas who took the 90s by storm, is the poorest of the wealthiest presidents on this list. Clinton was a career politician and even though career politicians make enough money, they don’t always become millionaires. The real secret to the Clinton fortune comes from Clinton’s life after he was President. Clinton’s biography My Life netted the former president an advance of $15 million. Speaking engagements are also a huge money maker for Clinton. To have the 42nd President of the United States come and give a speech, you will need to pony up $200,000 which is hardly pocket change. Clinton is one of the most charismatic speakers to hold the highest office in the land. Is that charisma worth $200,000?