10 of the Richest Young British Heiresses

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The old world glamour and rich heritage of Britain means that for many the place has an inimitable allure. From the imposing monuments on the streets of London which speak of the nation’s history, to the country’s continued presence as a world leader, Britain has always been something of a trend-setter. At the top of this tightly constructed social ladder, lie those who have it all: money, luxury homes, and even the titles and dressings of landed gentry. Our list is not simply a rundown of female nobility however; it presents an overview of the variety of ways one can enter this gilded life.

In most cases these heiresses have had all the trappings of private schooling and the west London social circle to ensure they make it on the list. However, where their money comes from and the ways in which they spend their inheritance varies greatly. From doctors to party girls they’re all here, with each one at some point or another filling up column inches in the UK’s notorious tabloids.

10. The Honourable Mary Olivia Charteris: British Aristocracy, Brewing Fortune

Mary Olivia Charteris may sound like something of an English rose, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find she’s far from it: her father is the Earl of Wemyss and March, Jamie Neidpath, who in his heyday was known for holding outlandish raves at the family estate in Gloucestershire.

Daughter Mary is from the Earl’s first marriage to Catherine Hesketh, a member of the wealthy Guinness family, and so Mary counts the eccentric fashionista Daphne Guinness as her aunt. A successful model since her teens, Mary is now a member of her husband’s band, the London-based The Big Pink. The couple’s 2012 wedding saw the bride don a dress that was simultaneously fit for the daughter of a lord, and the daughter of a raver. The gown, designed by Lady Gaga’s stylist, featured a full tulle skirt with cutaway mesh panels in the bodice, ensuring that absolutely all eyes were on the bride.

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