The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

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Traveling the world is exciting. Despite the glamor, the beauty, and all the history of international travel, there remain a few cities and countries that might be best avoided. Places where it might be inadvisable for foreigners to visit. Trouble for travelers can come in a variety of forms from gangs, to drugs, to random street violence, and even corrupt policemen. While some might believe these dangers are overblown or that there’s smoke but no fire, there’s no doubt peril exists for the unobserved and reckless. Keep your eyes open, make good decisions, and don’t trust anyone because here are ten of the most dangerous cities on earth.

10) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


When you think of crime you probably don’t think of Rio de Janerio, but high crime rates are extremely common in many Brazilian cities. Behind the glitz and glamour there exists danger for travelers. Even so, Rio easily remains the most popular destination city in Brazil and sees a massive influx of tourists all year long, but especially during Carnivale. Ten years ago Rio might have been higher on this list. Today it’s safer than it once was, but street crime is extremely problematic. Theft, robberies, and violence are common, especially at night and on the busy beaches. While non-violent crime rates have risen, murders, assaults and other violent crimes have actually decreased in recent years.