8 Bands and Musicians You May Not Like After Reading This

Most Shocking

There are celebrities we love to love, and celebrities we love to hate (like Justin Bieber after his recent antics), and there are celebrities who seem to always be doing strange things, but we expect that from them (Ozzy Osbourne perhaps?) What about the celebrities that we love…who we maybe should not? Everyone makes mistakes, and we are quick to forgive those we love, but these facts about some of our best loved stars might test your love. Here we will tell you about a few celebrities who have done things from weird to raunchy. Which stars had run-ins with the law? Which ones have unsavoury spending habits, or are bad role models for the impressionable youth? The answers may truly come as a surprise.

8. The Rolling Stones:

A band like the Stones are so well established and so famous, you would’ve thought yourself familiar with all of their scandals. Some of the antics of these rock ‘n rollers, have you saying “Come on”, but the one that might surprise you the most is that they have been known for aggressive tax planning to minimize taxes. Instead of staying in Britain and paying high taxes on their millions of dollars, the Stones (Sir Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, and Keith Richards) have been enjoying extremely low tax rates by banking in nations such as Holland (where taxes are not charged on royalties), as well as holding assets in other off-shore jurisdictions.

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