‹ 5 Clothing Brands that are Manufactured in Prison

1. Victoria’s Secret

This one is probably the most bizarre and maybe even a little disturbing to some consumers on a variety of levels.  Not only is it quite odd to picture your stereotypical balding, tattooed prisoner handling your soon-to-be unmentionables, it also may be a little disconcerting that this company, like JCPenney, is a large, successful retailer that doesn’t really need to be saving money by producing their products in prison.  Unlike the first three projects mentioned, Victoria’s Secret manufacturing some of their goods in prison is not simply for the good of the inmates, but it also directly benefits Victoria’s Secret.  This has led to some controversy about whether it is ethical to be employing inmates where it is beneficial to not just the inmate and the taxpayer, but also to this new third party, the corporation.  Regardless, it still provides inmates with something constructive to do each day and with some skills to take with them when they are released, so it would seem that everybody wins.  Now I wonder if they’ll accept employee transfers … Probably not.

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