10 Shocking Deaths Caused By Social Media

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Most of us have spent way too much time on social media in our lives.  For some of us it is a straight up addiction. A lot of people just can’t get enough. All they do is spend their days checking their feed, commenting, and posting status updates.

First it was MySpace, then Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat came along.  We use social media for a lot of different things these days.  We not only keep up with our family and friends but we use it to spy on people; we flirt with people, sometimes we even fight with people.

I mean sure, sometimes someone can say something on Facebook to make you angry. Or maybe you are still friends with your ex and she is posting all sorts of status updates around how she and her new boyfriend are having so much fun all the time. That might make you mad, but mad enough to kill? Hopefully not.

This list is full of people losing their mind about something that happened on social media. Well, not just losing their minds, that wouldn’t be all that bad, but losing their minds in a way that turned deadly. I mean come on! It’s just Facebook people.

Here are 10 Crazy Deaths Caused By Social Media.

10. Girl Who Lists “Killing People” On Her Facebook Profile Kills Someone

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People often have interesting things on their Facebook profiles. Some of us talk about what movies, or sports teams that we like, others talk about how much they like to party or that they are into Game of Thrones.

Not  Alyssa Bustamante. She was a little more direct about things, as she listed “Cutting and killing people” under her Facebook profile. I mean a lot of people do things like that to try to be funny, or cool like  “hey look at me”, but no – Alyssa wasn’t joking around. She is now permanently housed in a mental institution for stabbing to death a girl from her neighborhood.

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