10 Places You Are Not Allowed To Go

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With globalization making the entire world more accessible for everyone, and the Internet proliferating that accessibility in real time, there is not too much we humans do not know about.  There are not as many buried secrets spun and conspiracies as governments would like us to think, there are not as many places in the world that do not show up on a map anymore, and there are just not as many places we can’t discover, research, and travel to.  Yet, as this list shows, as much as we may be able to learn of certain places, there are still some places on earth the average human being is not allowed to go. Whether to protect an endangered ecosystem or religious artefacts, or to preserve real or perceived military secrets, these are ten places in the world you are not allowed to go.

10. Lascaux Caves, France

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A setting of cave complexes located near the French town of Montiac, the Lascaux Caves became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.  Known for their wealth of Paleolithic art, the caves contain nearly 900 ancient cave paintings largely consisting of animals that lived in the area in the Upper Paleolithic Period. These cave paintings are estimated to be at least 17,300 years old.  After the caves were opened to the public following World War Two, the climate within the caves changed dramatically, leading scientists to question their ability to preserve the art, and generating debate about how much, if any, human interaction with the caves should be permitted, a debate that is still ongoing today.

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