10 Most Shocking Television Deaths

Most Shocking

Oh bother! What one TV character’s death can mean for all of us! We have seen such an uproar over the recent death of a main character on Good Wife. (Spoiler Alert: If you DVR everything and don’t want to know what happens in some shows, you might want to stop reading at this point. If you don’t care, please keep reading!) In today’s television landscape, there is no such thing as “Oh they will never kill that character, they wouldn’t have a show without him/her/it.” Characters die all the time in television land. The Good Wife character, Will Gardner, has been one of several killed this season alone. In the recent past, even shows like Once Upon a Time kill fan favorites (at least this fan). Who knew tears could come over such a cheesy show?

In the old days, we were all safe. Characters found themselves in tight situations, but we knew the good guys, or gals, would persevere to get out of the high drama jam. Happily ever after occurred at the end of each show. Now, television has taken on a darker tone, one that is more realistic, but not nearly as heartfelt to watch. In many ways, the pendulum has swung all the way to the other side. Most viewers today expect death of a main character, even if it might be one of the favorites. Of course, there is only one reason this happens. It creates buzz! Buzz promulgated by social media sites like Twitter. One could even deduce that Twitter is the main reason so many characters die today. It creates a viral trend that skyrockets the show into the limelight.

Despite what you might think about this analysis, there has been an untold number of lists in the last month of the most shocking TV deaths. We have taken five of them to find out which characters appear the most. We have looked at lists from a wide variety of sources including Entertainment tonight, E Online, TV Guide, Time (yes this is still around) and Perezhilton.com. We require a time frame to narrow down the list so we select only TV deaths since the dawn of Twitter. Read on because you are going to be surprised by some of the ones making the list.


10. Walter White, Breaking Bad

One of the most highly acclaimed and watched shows in Television, no one argued that the death of Walter White was a shock. There was always the chance he would go the way of pearly gates, but one could always hope that the teacher turned drug dealer would save the day and still be able to live. He was able to do a few things before dying including saving Jesse and getting the money back to his family. He was a true anti-hero, which are always the easiest to watch go. You loved to hate the guy, but you are still sorry to see the character’s demise.

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