Top 10 Most Subscribed “YouTubers”

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Since it was first founded in 2005, YouTube has become one of the largest sites on the web and THE way to share video content with a mass audience. With so much content and so many different people uploading music and videos – among other things – it has never been easier to share such media on a global scale.

Those who’ve been able to capitalize on this have become pseudo-celebrities of sorts. With all the waves of content out there, there are some on YouTube who’ve been able to gain a following of their own and really stick out from other “YouTubers” with their channels. Although there are a ton of people doing much of the same thing, the ones who succeed online are the ones that can entertain us with what’s familiar while bringing on their own twist.

This list focuses solely on these “YouTubers”. That means no celebrity VEVOs, or multi-channel networks like Machinima. This list focuses on the individuals who’ve separated themselves from the pack and left their own mark on the YouTube community.

Theses are the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers online.

10. Porta dos Fundos – 8,571,991 Subscribers


Porta dos Fundos started in August of 2012 as a partnership between YouTube channel Kibe Loco and producer Fondo Movies. The Brazilian based sketch-comedy channel focuses on the humour to be found in everyday frustrations, and became the fastest Brazilian YouTube channel to reach the 1 million subscriber milestone in less than a year of existence. The channel puts up a variety of videos apart from their usual sketch-comedy routines. Fundos da Porta: a behind the scenes look at the making of some of their videos, Portaria; where the cast of Porta dos Fundos reads reviews and recap the news of the week, and Viral a four-part original series. The group won the PAAC award which has been recognizing the most exemplary Brazilians in the field of art since 1956.