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The 13 Hottest Women In The Legends Football League

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The 13 Hottest Women In The Legends Football League


Well, that’s it. No more football. It’s going to be months before we can watch a game again. Basketball is cool of course, and baseball is going to start up soon, but there isn’t anything like watching football. The competition is intense, the atmosphere is incredible, and the athletes are skilled.

Yeah, I am really going to miss watching all those sexy football players running around out there, slapping each other on their perfect butts. Oh…wait – no, you’re confused. I’m talking about ladies football. The NFL? Are you kidding me? That scene is fine if you just want to sit around with your buddies drinking beer and eating cheese doodles. But the LFL? That is where it’s at.

The LFL stands for Legends Football League.  You may remember it as the Lingerie Football League. It features a bunch of totally hot chicks in skimpy outfits, running around and tackling each other. Oh, and I guess they play a little football from time to time as well. We decided to do you all a favor and to do a little research on who the hottest of the bunch are, so when the season starts again you’ll know who to be looking for.

Here is TheRichest’s list of the 15 Hottest Players in Legends Football League. Oh yeah- some of these chicks go both ways. Meaning they play both offense and defense. Seriously, get your mind out of the gutter.

13. Kimm Chase – Los Angeles Temptation


Kimm plays the offensive line, which means she’s in good shape and also that she likes to grapple. You can tell she means business by this photo, which is the perfect combination of looking all tough and showing off a really good duck face. Is she wearing lipstick?!

12. Monique Gaxiola – Los Angeles Temptation!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/img-4257.jpg


Monique isn’t as much of a hard body as some others on this list, and you know what? That’s okay. It takes all kinds of bodies to make the LFL go round. She is a linebacker and has been selected to the LFL Hall of Fame, which is odd because she’s still playing. What isn’t odd is how awesome she looks wearing those tiny little shorts she wears.

11. Deena Fagiano – Chicago Bliss


Deena is a total smoke-show. She has that fit and toned body that guys love, and gorgeous eyes as well. She has been in the league for a while, has a good amount of fans, and will probably keep doing it. And why not? As long as she can catch a few passes and look good doing it, then keep doing so, by all means.

10. Dakota Hughes – Atlanta Steam



Dakota plays quarterback for the Atlanta Steam.  I don’t know if she’s any good or not, but I do know that if she plays quarterback, it means that she’ll be chased around by a bunch of bigger women who want to throw her on the ground and jump on top of her. And that is all I need to know.

9. Jessika Howard – Seattle Mist


Jessika is a wide receiver for the Seattle Mist and was once chosen as Sports Illustrated’s “Lovely Lady of the Day.” What does this tell us about her skill on the football field? Absolutely nothing. We do know that she has some really nice assets and she really enjoys putting on a lot of eye black and white tape. Not sure it’s required, though.

8. Katie Whelan – Seattle Mist


Katie is six feet tall, red haired, totally jacked and she plays tight end for the Seattle Mist. What else do you need to know?  She sort of has a lady-like vibe, even when she is trying to crush her opponent. Sort of. Hey, but at least she looks good in green!

7. Kadi Findling – Seattle Mist


Kadi is a wide receiver for the Seattle Mist, and is another one of these hot chicks who is all over the eye black. She has her own website that you can check out. If you do you will be treated to some really nice close ups of her butt, and some really bad writing. For example, it says on her website “24 yr old Kadi Findling is no stranger to competitive sports the LFL however has become Kadi’s true calling. She started her rookie year with the Seattle Mist and lead them to become the league champions. Currently rated one of the top 10 hottest girl in the league, She is not only talented but increadbly humble making her a player worth watching!” Ummm what? Come on Kadi! That’s just horrible!

6. Michelle Angel – Los Angeles Temptation


So I’m sure by now you’ve realized there aren’t many teams in this league. Who cares, though, when you have hotties like Michelle playing. Michelle is all hot and toned, and pretty much looks exactly like what you would imagine a hot female football player would look like. I mean if you were into that sort of thing.  Did I mention she was hot and toned? While she played for the Temptation last year, her Instagram says she will be playing for Dallas this year.

5. Angela Rypien – Baltimore Charm


Angela  is a lucky lady.  She not only is one of the 15 hottest babes in the LFL, she also has one of the 15 Hottest Bums in Women’s Sports. I am sure her father, former Super Bowl winning quarterback Mark Rypien is very proud. Well, maybe not. Either way, Angela looks totally hot out there playing quarterback in her uniform, what there is of it anyway.

4. Tai Emery – Las Vegas Sin


Tai is a fitness model from Australia, who plays for the Las Vegas Sin. She has a banging body, even if she is a bit prone to the duckface. She is very active on Facebook and Instagram and even tried to get gofundme going, in which she asked for money to…well, we actually couldn’t really figure out what she was asking money for. It was a good try though.

3. Adrian Purnell – Atlanta Steam


Unlike some of the women on this list, Adrian really seems to take it personally when things are not going her way out on the field. She gets all worked up and talks trash, which is hot if you like bad girls, or scary if you get freaked out by them. Adrian has been seen with the rapper Drake getting all hot and heavy, although maybe it was just for the camera.

2. Danika Brace – Seattle Mist


All right, maybe we teased a few of these ladies a bit, but Danika? No way, she is about as cool as they come. She has a big following on Facebook and Instagram, and is one of the best players in the league. In fact she won the MVP award, as well as defensive player of the year. And did we mention she is hot? Because she so is. She is gorgeous, and has a body that is totally smoking.

1. Cynthia Schmidt – Las Vegas Sin


Well someone had to win, and after looking at this photo I am sure you can see why it had to be Cynthia.  Cynthia, who plays wide receiver, is not only gorgeous, but has a perfect body as well. Before becoming an LFL player, she was in the military for 7 years. So guys, if you are lucky enough to get her to go out with you, for God’s sake, don’t mess around. This is one hot chick who could mess you up.


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