15 Thoughts Every Man Has About The Female Body

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Women are naturally more self conscious than men when it comes to their bodies. Unfortunately, they don’t do much to resolve their feelings because they don’t want to ask their significant other a question that they are dreading the answer to! They think that they will either have their worst fears verified or that even if their significant other says something positive, then they are obviously hiding the truth! It’s a no-win situation. So, the woman continues being self-conscious and will do everything possible to avoid being seen completely naked in the light. She will appear to be some sort of morphing creature that can’t be out in the light or she’ll turn to stone. Inevitably her significant other’s feelings will be hurt that she isn’t comfortable enough around him.

Here we have brought you The Top 15 Thoughts Every Man Has About The Female Body. Hopefully there will be a female out there inspired to change her ways and venture into the light!

15. Stretch Marks…What Stretch Marks?


Men are so enamored and enjoying the rest of your body that, those stretch marks that you are super self-conscious about? They barely notice. Do you notice the freckle between his big toe and his second toe? No? That’s what stretch marks are like for men!

Confidence is one of the most attractive things you can have and when you’re so wrapped up in trying to conceal parts of your body or you feel your brain going 200 mph thinking about what he is thinking about, how are you enjoying anything?! Try and relax and enjoy the experience. Easier said than done, right? If you really are that self-conscious about your stretch marks aside from taking an extreme step and getting them surgically removed, there is something you can do to help conceal them and hopefully make you feel less self-conscious. Self tanner is a godsend! It conceals spider veins, blotchy and uneven skin, and yes even stretch marks!

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