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11 Embarrassing Photos Of Hollywood Has-Beens

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11 Embarrassing Photos Of Hollywood Has-Beens

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It is a difficult climb to go from being a nobody and having nothing to hitting it big. It takes a lot of work to go from the bottom to the top. People normally only see the finished product when it comes to celebrities. They end up on top of the world and that’s when the vast majority of us see them. They get their big break and from there they enjoy a meteoric rise and enjoy all the spoils of their successes. But there is a tremendous amount of effort and hard work that goes into success. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, and in cut-throat Hollywood, it can be even tougher.

To be successful in Hollywood is to live a lifestyle of glitz and glamour. As exciting as the rise to the top can be, the wave celebrities ride once they get there can be an epic display of extravagance. Celebrities live like royalty. They are the American version of prince and princesses. But people can become envious of such flamboyance, and often times, the media and people can easily turn on Hollywood celebrities. There is quite a bit of enjoyment for some who watch these elite individuals fall. And when celebrities fall, they fall hard. These are 15 Embarrassing Photos Of Hollywood Has-Beens.

11. Kirsten Dunst



Kirsten Dunst was another child star who seemed destined for sudden greatness. She appeared opposite Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in “Interview With A Vampire,” impressively holding her own. Then in 1994 she appeared in the critically acclaimed “Little Women” and followed that up with 1995’s massively successful “Jumanji.” In 2000, Dunst again scored big when she starred in the peppy comedy “Bring It On.” Dunst starred in “Spiderman” (2004) and it is as though she was ready for her place on the A-list. However, those opportunities never truly materialized. Photos of her drinking and enjoying her successes did come to light and she failed to gain the same box office success she enjoyed through her early 20s. Dunst did make a comeback of sorts in her role on the television series “Fargo.” She did a great job on her one and done season. We will see if Dunst is able to capture her early career success.

10. Mel Gibson



Let’s jump onto the crazy train! Mel Gibson, a massive A-list success during his prime, from the “Lethal Weapon” series to making “Passion of the Christ,” Gibson has made multi-millions during his career. He was on his way to being a legend, garnering both male and female fans alike. Then he started being himself in public and people were recording what he was saying. Thus, the racist slurs rolled off his tongue as naturally as his Australian accent, and Gibson lost favor with the world as a whole. He went from a headliner to a pariah and his meltdowns are things of legend. Big trees do fall hard.

9. Pauly Shore


When you engage in a project entitled: Pauly Shore Is Dead, and your name is Pauly Shore, you got some issues going on. Pauly Shore was an iconic figure in the 1990s. The MTV product found success in the late 1980s and early 1990s as one of the key personalities on the station. Shore created catch phrases like “Hey, buddy” in his oddball slang and “wheezing the juice.” Pauly rode the wave of success into a few feature film roles. Those film roles yielding one modest hit in Encino Man. But outside of that, the rest of the movies tanked and Pauly’s career followed along with it. Shore desperately tried to bring attention back to himself when he made a terrible mockumentary about his own life. It failed and Shore is officially a “has-been.”

8. Christina Ricci


Christina Ricci seemed destined for A-list celebrity status when she exploded onto the scene with her recurring role as Wednesday Adams in the “Addams Family” movies. Christina was on the rise and then took small roles and never seemed to achieve the early stardom she captured at a young age. Ricci appeared in numerous small movies and stayed away from the big budget films. She has failed to reclaim her early success since and recently married a dolly grip on her failed television show, “Pan Am.” Ricci still has time left, but it appears her best days are long behind her in the entertainment business.

7. Lindsay Lohan


LiLo will forever be known as the self-destructive promising actress who fell off the pathway to success and ended up going from a budding superstar to a late night punchline. Lindsay Lohan was a budding superstar with teenage angst films that drew solid crowds and even better reviews for her. However, during the filming of “Georgia Rules,” Lohan’s notorious partying came to the surface when the movie’s producer blasted her with an open letter chronicling her showing up late on set (if at all) and her constant late night partying that led to LiLo looking less than her best. Needless to say, the partying spiraled out of control and the end result was lots of trouble for Lilo and a career that submarined faster than the Titanic.

6. Tara Reid


Remember Tara Reid? Most people don’t. Tara Reid was another up-and-coming “it” girl when she appeared in the “American Pie” films. Following that, she played a key role in the classic “Van Wilder” film starring opposite Ryan Reynolds. Despite the early success, a few poor role choices, an awkward nude scene, and a bad boob job all led to Tara Reid’s career spiraling downward. The raspy-voiced blue-eyed beauty seemed to have such high hopes. But those high hopes were dashed by poor choices. And thus, she is now a has-been with little to no prospects on the horizon.

5. Paula Abdul


Straight up now, Paula Abdul was hot as hot could be in the 1990s. She became the most popular Lakers girl of all time when she exploded onto the music scene with songs like “Straight Up” and “Cold Hearted.” She lived off of much of her early success for many years and then had a resurgence as a judge on “American Idol.” Abdul was once again thrust into the public eye and became relevant once again. However, alcohol and allegedly drugs played a role in Abdul having off-the-set struggles. She left the show and once again disappeared out of the public eye. Abdul has fallen quite far, taking a regular gig on an Australian dance show. Unless Abdul is in line for a third career resurgence, we’re guessing she has reached the end of her rope.

4. Nick Nolte


Nick Nolte was a huge star back in the 1980s and his career has spanned over three decades. His success began with the thriller “The Deep” and continued for a number of years. He scored big with his role opposite Eddie Murphy in the “48 Hours” series. Since then he has scored other big hits with films like “Cape Fear” (1991) and more recently, the star-studded “Tropic Thunder.” But Nick Nolte’s best days are long behind him and rumors of drinking and drugs have plagued him throughout his career. Numerous mug shots only further highlight the issues Nolte has encountered away from his work.

3. Mischa Barton


Actress and model Mischa Barton had tremendous success early in her career. She was beautiful and young, appearing in 1999’s “Notting Hill” and “The Sixth Sense.” After that, she landed a key role on “The OC.” Barton was on top of her game, with a good amount of television and feature film experience in her back pocket. Barton won numerous Teen Choice Awards and was partying with all the young stars on the show. Barton took her success for granted and started to appear in smaller projects and completely fall out of the face of relevance. Barton has begun to show the physical signs of a career long since forgotten and the ill effects of partying too hard.

2. Pam Anderson


Remember Pamela Anderson? Pam Anderson was a massive success getting featured on “Baywatch” (well, at least it was certain parts of her that were featured). “Baywatch” became such a massive success. Anderson became an icon after a high quality Playboy spread, Anderson quickly rose to fame. Her “Baywatch” success made her a legend and financially successful. She also came in with another television show, “VIP.” Mix in a dirty sex tape and you have a good career in progress. Anderson was Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian and the expansive Internet. But these days, Pamela Anderson’s star has seriously faded along with her looks. She is now on the scrap heap of former successes and is a bonafide has-been.

1. David Hasselhoff


Why stop at one “Baywatch” superstar when we can have two on the list! David Hasselhoff, also known as “The Hoff,” skyrocketed to fame with his role as Michael Knight on the hit show “Knight Rider.” He was a God in Germany and was a sex symbol to ladies all around the world. But as his star faded and the shows came to an end, Hoff ended up losing his luster. Pile on top of that some messy drunken rants and you end up with a massive success that became a big has-been. Hoff may have wealth but he desires stardom and that star has long since burned out.


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