10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Game of Thrones

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With the new season of Game of Thrones just around the corner, the world’s media is abuzz with a host of trivia, spoilers and even the occasional mashup of everyone’s favourite fantasy show. At a time when many TV series – such as Netflix’s House of Cards or AMC’s Mad Men – have looked to the grit of reality for their substance, this HBO series has swung in entirely the other direction. Fans are hooked and the stars of the show have been catapulted to fame.

In appreciation of everything Westeros-related, we’ve uncovered some fun trivia and some surprising facts. Ever wonder what Hodor does on his off days, or whether Joffrey’s a bad guy in real life? Does Jon Snow know anything at all? Well, we have the answers. For any of you worried about spoilers for the upcoming season, you won’t find any here, although there are a few references to the original novels by George R. R. Martin on which the series is based. So let’s sit back, hum that incredibly infectious theme tune together, and descend into the alternate world of medieval fantasy. Winter is coming.

10. The Opening Titles were inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Drawings

Most of us see the opening credits as a time to dim the lights and sing that ever-so-catchy theme tune, but if you look a little closer you’ll see there’s a lot going on visually too. The credits feature an interactive map of Westeros and at each location, mechanisms and landmarks are revealed. The turning wheels and cogs are said to represent the struggle for power in each of the kingdoms and bear a distinct resemblance to Da Vinci’s famous plans for his many inventions. The Italian painter is the pinnacle of the Renaissance man, creating blueprints for many devices that did not come into being until long after his time. This precise, technical approach to drawing is what dominates the opening credits. Take a closer look next time you’re watching, the sequence changes slightly with each season.

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