‹ Five of the Real Wolves of Wall Street

4. Naomi Belfort : Nadine Caridi 

From a movie-goers perspective, Naomi Belfort actress Margot Robbie is in many ways the breakout star of the film. Alongside her incredibly infamous nursery scene, Robbie embodies the sizzling seductress who woos Belfort only to discover the reality that all that is gold does not glitter. Robbie’s character Naomi is said to be inspired by the women in Belfort’s life, rather than a direct film representation of his spouse at the time, however, many similarities between the two emerge. Belfort’s wife in the nineties was former Miller Lite model, Nadine Caridi who did indeed have the pet name “The Duchess of Bay Ridge” from her former husband. The intimate scenes on the mattress made of cash- around $3 million of it- were also taken from Belfort’s memoir. She even had an English aunt who helped Belfort hide money in Swiss bank accounts under her name. The darker side of the marriage however has been the subject of much criticism aimed at the film: Belfort’s infidelities and indulgences were both blatant and apparent in his heyday. What this meant for Caridi however was that she had a cheating and violent man with a drug problem for a husband. Robbie met with Belfort’s former wife prior to filming the movie to understand her experiences and motivations while living in such a gilded cage. Actress Robbie recounted that sex and nudity are essential to the character Naomi as they are her only currency in the Wall Street world. Caridi eventually left Belfort after he kicked her down the stairs of their Long Island mansion; they divorced in 2005 and Caridi has since remarried.

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