15 Reasons Why The World Still Dislikes Justin Bieber

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Is it too late now to say sorry… for the existence of Justin Bieber? Yes, yes it is. J-Biebs, now 21, came onto the scene back in 2010. The little tike was discovered on YouTube by renowned manager Scooter Braun (thanks for nothing Scoot) and it didn’t take long for the infamous Usher to sign the Canadian native to Island Def Jam Records. Almost instantaneously he was thrust upon us, in our faces night and day, this cute little gir l– I mean boy, with a voice like an angel (at least before he hit puberty).

And so it began: a generation of Beliebers (and non-Beliebers) were born. The teeny bopper quickly became known for his swankified bowl cut and dainty vocals, singing about things a normal kid shouldn’t know anything about at that age. Somehow, someway, it seemed the whole world had completely lost its fricken mind and had come down with a case of Bieber fever, a heinous disease many of us refused to succumb to. Haters came out of the woodwork left and right voicing their opinion on the glorified superstar and objected at his unfounded rise to fame.

Fast forward to the year 2016, and guess what… we still hate him. His smug face, his oversized wife beaters and yes, his music. Even though, many of those songs are extremely catchy — damn you J-Biebs, damn you! Whether you like his music or not, one thing’s for sure, the Biebs has done some of the douchiest, most disgusting and downright offensive things throughout his career. Sure there are people that will say he’s gotten a bad rap, that someone so young couldn’t handle the instant fame and fortune… well, to all of you, maybe he should have surrounded himself with better people who wouldn’t have influenced him in a negative way. That’s a concept any Joe Shmo should have been raised to believe. Overall, time has not been kind to Justin and here are the reasons why we still hate this musical skid mark.

15. Illegal Monkey Smuggling

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In 2014, the Biebs famously smuggled a monkey into Munich, Germany while on tour and then he abandoned him so he didn’t have to take responsibility for his fleeting actions. Wow, I’d hate to be an illegal monkey or otherwise traveling with Justin, no love for you! If it wasn’t bad enough that this guy animal-napped this poor little creature, the monkey was left alone and frightened. The singer couldn’t produce proof or vaccination records at Munich customs so it lead authorities to believe he was purchased illegally. Bieber swore that he would return for his monkey with proper paperwork and surprise surprise never did. Solid pet owner, right there.

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