‹ 5 Islands That We’ve Barely Explored

Tristan da Cunha

Small in landmass, vast in unexplored land. Tristan da Cunha’s main island only stretches seven miles across. Yet, the islands near South Africa have been perplexing to explorers for a long time. The problem with exploring the island chain is the danger faced when trying to reach the shores. For further clarification on this, look no further than one of the islands of Tristan da Cunha. The island’s name? Inaccessible Island.

The islands weren’t always so isolated. Over the years, the British has used it as a military point and whalers have used it during their work. However, over time, the island has lost its inhabitants due to a powerful volcano eruption and isolation. At this point, it is estimated that roughly 270 people live on the island. It’s a good guess to think that they are vastly outnumbered by the seals that surround them.

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