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Who Voiced This Disney Character?


Disney has been capturing the hearts of generation after generation with its amazing movies. Almost everyone in the world has childhood memories of sitting on their couch and watching such classics as Pocahontas and The Fox And The Hound. But because it was so long ago, these movies often take up a hazy, cloudy part of our memory. It’s pretty hard to recall movies that you’ve seen 15, 20, even 30 years ago. This makes it the perfect thing to be quizzed on.

More specifically, we’re going to quiz you on the voice actors behind the Disney characters you know and love. Because if you think about it, it’s the voice actors that really bring the characters to life. Sure, the animators work tirelessly to bring the magic in terms of the visual art in the movie, but without a voice, those characters have no life, no soul. Good voice actors are crucial in creating amazing Disney movies. And to get good voice actors Disney often has to hire huge names in Hollywood.

This will make your job easier, as some actors have very distinct voice that can be spotted very easily. Others however, are a bit more tricky. I’ve tried to pick some of the more obvious characters, but this quiz might pose quite a challenge to even the biggest of Disney fans.

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