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Who Said It: Ross Or Monica?


Of all the siblings thrown out into the world by popular culture, Ross and Monica Geller are one of the most famous brother and sister duos of all time. While they’re both individuals in their own ways, they also both struggle with a high maintenance mentality that can drive everyone around them insane. Due to this, and the high quality of the writing on Friends, there are quite a few quotes from the two of them that have remained memorable to this day.

Seriously, writing this quiz had me laughing because I got to relive some of the best quotes from the series! I always thought my favorite characters from Friends were Joey and Chandler, but I might have to rethink how I look at the show after writing this one. However, believe me when I say that these two siblings are very similar. I didn’t realize until I started this quiz that these two sound quite alike. I’d like to know if this was done on purpose by the writing staff actually.

Whether it was or not, you’re going to have your work cut out for you on this one. Do you think you know your Ross from your Monica? Will you be able to separate the two when it comes to their quotes? It’s time to find out whether you really like the Gellers or they’re just interchangeable to you.


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