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Who Said It? Match The Quote To The Harry Potter Character


Are you a super Harry Potter fan? Have you read the books over and over again? Maybe you’ve even seen the movies a couple of times each, too. This isn’t going to be easy for you. You’ve got to match the quotes to the character.

These quotes are straight from the books and we’ve picked some tough ones to make this a real challenge. Some might be easy but the rest are definite brain teasers. Let’s see if you can remember some of the less iconic quotes from the books. Do you remember what some of your favorite characters said during the seven books in the Harry Potter series?

You’ll definitely get through this and want to re-read them all. Those books are just sitting there waiting for you to crack them open one more time. But wait! Don’t cheat! Try to get through this quiz and see how much you remember.

There are quotes from all seven books and you’re sure to get at least one. Can you get 20/25? We’ll see! No wands allowed, so forget using any cheating charms. See how you do without the help of magic. Don’t forget to share your results with your friends. Challenge them to see who’s the bigger Harry Potter fan! Think it’s you? Good luck!

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