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Who Did These Wrestlers Defeat To Win Their First WWE Championship?


It’s the moment every would-be professional wrestler dreams of. “Here is your winner, and the NEW WWE Champion…” [insert name here]. Since it was established in 1963, the WWE Championship has been the most coveted piece of gold in sports entertainment. It’s the prize everyone in the business wants to wear around their waist, and the indisputable sign that a wrestler has become a true legend in the industry.

WWE has thus far given 50 men the opportunity to reign as champion, and indeed, almost all of them have gone down as some of the greatest performers in wrestling history. Not all title reigns are created equally, though, and some former WWE Champions have been less lauded than their counterparts. While there are many factors in what separates the memorable icons from the duds, one key element can be the manner in which a nascent WWE Champions wins the belt for the first time.

Outside of die-hard fans, no one is going to remember each and every WWE Championship match, but each time the belt changes hands should feel like something special. Find out whether or not WWE succeeded by taking our quiz and finding out how well you know who these wrestlers defeated for their first WWE Championship.

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