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Which WWE Superstars Feuded With These 35 Celebrities?


Practically the moment Vince McMahon took the reigns of his father’s WWE Universe, he made a concerted effort towards getting mainstream celebrities heavily involved with the business. Even before McMahon kicked the trend into high gear, various actors, athletes, and other people of note have been popping up in wrestling rings for decades. There have been pros and cons to celebrities standing toe to toe with WWE superstars, their high profile providing obvious benefits. Unfortunately, the added attention almost always fades away immediately once the famous outsider returns to Hollywood.

Because pro wrestling is always advancing and moves on from major moments every single week, the real test of whether or not a celebrity’s stint in sports entertainment is successful isn’t if there are lots of cameras around at the time. On the contrary, the important part is whether or not fans actually remember what the celeb did years after they left wrestling behind. More importantly, did the wrestler(s) the celebrity interacted with gain something from the experience, or was the extra spotlight they received completely irrelevant in retrospect?

Thanks to McMahon loving the attention, WWE almost never admits a celebrity appearance bombed, so it’s up to fans to separate the failures from the winners. The more you can remember about what these celebs did in the ring, the more successful they must have been. Take our quiz and find out if you can name the WWE wrestlers these celebrities feuded against.

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