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Which Of These Stars Has Bared All On Camera?


It is a decision that almost every actor and actress is going to face at some point in their careers: should I go nude? There are a multitude of factors to think of when reaching this decision. Is it exploitive? Is it necessary? Am I being taken advantage of? An actor or actress is already at their most vulnerable while on screen. They are up there, projected on the screen, emotionally open for all to see. The only thing protecting them from further examination from our prying eyes are the clothes on their back. They must be extremely confident in themselves to make that brave choice. Or they don’t put that much thought into it and they’re just cool with being naked.

There are so many possible reasons to do on-screen nudity. In some cases, the actor or actress may be in it for the artistic merit of the project. If the script calls for it, they will oblige and show the necessary bits and pieces. Other times, they may just be starting out and hoping this will be something that gets them noticed, or they were talked into it and don’t know any better, maybe thinking that this is not necessarily the way the business works. Occasionally there is a star on the way down in their career and they are hoping this is the spark needed to reignite their dormant careers.  Whatever the reason, the results are the same: a star, completely exposed, baring their all for us on screen. Can you tell which of the following stars decided to bare it all on the screen?

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