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How Well Do You Know These Deep Sea Thriller Films?


“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water” was the tagline for Jaws 2.  It’s arguably more famous than the sequel itself, parodied to this day by any film in which the antagonist has a specific arena.

Even before Jaws, fiction pondered what evil lived just out of sight, under the icy blue depths.  The slightest upset in current or the misshapen logs in the lake are always called into question by cryptozoologists.  Though it’s rare, occasionally they’re right.  Even Jules Verne, an author known for predicting future inventions, wrote of the likelihood of a giant squid in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Sure enough, recent tsunamis have washed up corpses of beasts much larger than once thought possible.

And Hollywood loves stories that tap into our fear of the unknown.  Nothing is more unknown than depths which we cannot yet reach.  After all, new species are discovered all the time.  They play into the panic of a rash of shark attacks the same way the media does.  2001’s Time Magazine cover of The Summer of the Shark was the height of such a panic. In reality, shark attacks were down in 2001, but reporting on them had risen dramatically.

Post-Jaws, there was a new market for killer shark movies – many of which played theatres alongside their human slasher counterparts.  Today, such films have fallen out of fashion, turning up only in direct-to-DVD and Syfy originals.  We’re awash with Sharknados and Piranhacondas rather than truly frightening Jaws.  Nevertheless, underwater monster movies were once genuinely scary.

How many made you fear dipping your toes into the ocean?  Take the quiz and find out.

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