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True or False: Have These 25 Actors Played A Comic Book Character?


Whether it was with a cape, cat suit, or villainous grin, there are some actors in Hollywood that have had the good fortune of portraying a comic book character on the big screen. Ever since Christopher Reeve donned Superman’s cape in film, actors have sought out to make their own mark on how the silver screen brings comic book characters to life. Over the years, there have been numerous films that have brought comics to the big screen but not all of them have been well received. It can be difficult for fans of the comics to see their favorite characters butchered in film, whether it’s due to the storyline or because of the actor’s portrayal. From Danny DeVito’s portrayal of The Penguin to George Clooney’s portrayal of Batman, there are times when even the actors have regretted their choice to don the iconic costumes in film.

While there are those that have completely squandered their chance at being immortalized as a comic book character and others that have completely excelled in their portrayals, the fact is that there are numerous actors that have had their chance. Obviously, everyone has their own favorites but sometimes the character portrayals are completely forgettable. Whether you’re a major film buff or you just know your comic book films, check out our quiz and test your knowledge if these actors have ever played a comic book character. From Batman to Iron Man, test whether or not you can remember these actors ever playing a role that was once in a comic book.

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