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Think You Know The Sith? Take Our Quiz


Cue the Imperial March.

The legendary Sith Lords have been around in the galaxy for about as long as the Jedi have, and their conflicting outlooks on life often to war. The Jedi stand for order and government, and the Sith stand for freedom and control. They’re not so different when you really look deeper, but today we’re taking a look at the latter.

Ever since Star Wars was turned into a massively successful film franchise (with an added dose of spin-off TV shows and video games), we’ve had no shortage of Sith villains to hate. Each generation in the galaxy poses a new Sith for our heroes to fight, and this had led to some of the most fascinating battles in the history of Star Wars.

Some of the Sith often get some special treatment which ends up with a lot of characterization that almost makes you root for them when all is said and done. Yeah, they kill some Jedi and try to take over the galaxy, but they still have a good heart somewhere deep inside!

The Sith have a deep history as well as some interesting lore, and you’re about to be quizzed on it. Think you know the Sith?

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